As a consequence of the effect of COVID-19 pandemic, following the instructions of the Andalusian Government, in our case the Resolution of the Rectorate of the University of Jaén dated 13th March 2020, and the Comuniqué of the Presidents of Public Universities in Andalusia, extending the measures adopted with regard to COVID-19 on 15th March 2020, Andalusian universities have cancelled all on-campus lessons as of March 16th, until March 30th. On March 30th the situation will be reassessed and further instructions will be provided.

At CEALM this entails the immediate cancellation of all language courses, including Spanish language courses as well as foreign language courses. The official proficiency tests scheduled for April (B1 y B2 in English and French) have also been postponed until further notice.

With regard to the exams of Spanish as a foreign language DELE and CCSE, according to the instruction on the part of Instituto Cervantes dated March 16th:

- The CCSE exam intended for March and April 2020 is cancelled in all countries. All those enrolled in these two calls will move to the call of May and June of this same year respectively.

- The DELE general (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 y C2) exam in May 2020 is cancelled. Their candidates will be assigned to subsequent calls so that they retain the possibility of taking the exams without repeating the registration procedures.

Based on these automatic modifications, each candidate will be able, if they wish, to change their registration for other subsequent calls for 2020 through their private space on the Cervantes Institute Exams portal (https://examenes.cervantes.es/)

We are currently considering the possibility of using digital platforms to continue with our lessons online in order to minimize the impact of this unexpected break. In the next few day we will provide our students with further instructions on how to use such online platform.

Foreign students who have queries about their study programs may reach us at cealm [arroba] ujaen [punto] es ().

A call for individual and social responsibility, health care and observance to official recommendations is made from our centre.